Students are at a pivotal time in their lives where they are testing the waters of faith, adulthood, and relationships. We believe student ministries are a great way to partner with families to see students deepen and grow their faith.

"Our student ministry exists to partner with families to train, disciple, and serve alongside teens as they explore a passionate desire to follow Jesus."


We believe teaching the truth of the Bible is the best way to train students. We don't hide from tough topics like science, relationships, and evangelism. It is our goal that when a student leaves High School, they have a clear understanding of the gospel, how it changes our lives, and how they can share it with others. Our primary teaching times are Sundays at 9:00am and Wednesday at 6:00pm.


Summer trips like camp at Tanglewood and Christ in Youth are great ways that we can connect and grow with our students and help them experience God in new and significant ways. We also visit colleges and plan events with other ministries in the greater Houston area.

We believe that engaging and equipping parents and grandparents is the most effective way to see students come to faith and be discipled. We offer many ways for parents to be equipped and engaged such as Technology seminars, parenting classes, and weekly info on what we're teaching on and how they can connect with their teens. We also use's  resources to help parents understand the culture that their students are actively involved in.